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    Our veterans are some of the most qualified men and women who combine high level training with battle tested leadership, honor, and courage. Finding jobs for those who have served our country is privilege and we are proud to work with employers who recognize the value of hiring our heroes.

    Job Seekers

    Besides the discipline and work ethic that military service instills, Veterans and transitioning service members have technical skills in areas of critical importance: acquisition, information technology, communications, security, information gathering, and medical technology.

    Why Hire a Veteran?

    Veterans and transitioning military service members are ready to supply the very skills the companies need. Veterans have acquired a wealth of knowledge, skills, and competencies through practical experience. The training and education they have received during their military service is transferable to those skills oftentimes being sought by companies in filling open positions. In addition to these intangible and valuable skills, the Veteran brings a unique sense of leadership and teamwork to your company. They understand the commitment to achieving goals and objectives and have demonstrated the ability to work efficiently and effectively within multi-cultural environments.

    About 1US.com

    1US.com is a free online job search service that allows veterans to find jobs.